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Living in London

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Just a girl going to London for a month to study abroad. Looking to learn, explore, laugh, eat, and dance as much as possible.

Question 2: Money?

Hello travelers!
I need to know the best way to carry funds while I’m in London!  Some people suggested we have physical pounds when we land.  I heard I should have a credit card/ debit card, some form of plastic to have more money on.  I heard Travelex would be the best, but now that I’m looking at the exchange it seems like a rip off. Can Someone Help me PLEASE!!?

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What Should I Pack?!

For all of you experienced travelers and folks who live in the UK, What should I pack for London? I will be there from July 2nd to August 9th, I heard July is usually warmer for London, around 70 or so.  Rain jacket is of course important.  Other than that I’m a bit lost, so Help me out!!

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